The objective of an energy survey is to systematically review a building and engineering systems therein, and the industrial processes in the case of production facilities. A structured review can identify potential savings of between 10 and 30% on a typical site.


Using the audit as a foundation, we then physically survey the estate in order to determine where and how the energy is being used.


We assess plant and equipment on the site, including;


  • rating, age, condition & efficiency. 


  • level and quality of controls fitted.


  • type of equipment, and its suitability for use.


  • how the building or system is operated.


  • how highly loaded or utilised the equipment is.


  • energy & building loads outside hours of use.


  • type of energy utilised for each system (electric, gas, oil, etc).



We review the physical construction of the building to assess whether there are opportunities to improve the level of insulation and air leakage.


At the end of the survey stage we present a strictly prioritised list of potential projects. These are prioritised on the basis of;


  • low or no cost measures (usually housekeeping or controls) that can be adopted immediately are our first actions.


  • projects with a high return / short payback and with little risk to the existing operations of the client.


  • longer payback projects with known or manageable risk.



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