Strategy and planning


Achieving effective management and sustainable reduction requires robust planning and a strategic approach to ensure success in the longer term.


Regardless of the size of the organisation a structured review and plan at the outset always pays dividends and makes best use of resources which should be prioritised to provide the best possible return.


In particular we are interested in the following;


The baseline - the state of the organisation "as found" in terms of management and technology.


The potential for reduction - through improved management systems, enhanced control and new technology.


Competence and awareness - the level of capability and focus within the company and the potential for development in the longer term through training & awareness initiatives.


Communication - how and to what extent energy & carbon performance is being communicated at all levels in the organisation and to stakeholders.


Investments - previous and planned investments in energy & carbon reduction. Reviewing the actual return on completed projects.


Future plans - company plans for future expansion or rationalisation, new products or refurbishment of buildings and facilities. 



With an organisational review complete a measured view on priorities for improvement and investment can be developed which informs a long term strategy for energy and carbon management.


A solid foundation for planning is the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. This can be applied to a wide range of organisations and sets out a structured and flexible framework for assessment and implementation.

























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