We have delivered numerous projects where industrial plant and processes have been re-engineered to achieve significant performance improvements and cost reduction.


The objective is to optimise the operation and efficiency of existing plant & equipment and these projects routinely deliver benefits in terms of reduced waste, enhanced product quality or higher production throughput. It is not unusual for cost savings attributable to waste, quality or labour to match or exceed those achieved for energy.


Improvement is often achieved by implementing low cost measures such as recommissioning, rebalancing airflow or water flow in a system. These opportunities are usually identified by data logging the plant in operation combined with assessment of air or water flow rates and a design review. We also employ thermographic camera technology if appropriate.


More sophisticated projects may involve the partial upgrade of the plant and even full plant replacement may be a viable consideration.


Energy, utilities, labour, maintenance and life cycle costs are all considered and a structured business case is developed for each individual project.


We have provided many of our clients with significant competitive advantage with projects that only required a detailed site review and low cost modifications. Our approach is to work closely with site management, drawing on their expertise and adding our own throughout the assignment.





















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