Data logging


The foundation of our energy management service is the use of data logging equipment which accurately monitors the performance of buildings, processes and engineering systems in use.


The purpose of data logging is to accurately measure characteristics of a system whilst it is in productive use. This has obvious benefits in terms of providing hard information for assessment and takes the guesswork out of analysing problems.


This service involves the installation of portable computer based logging equipment, and any combination of temperature, electricity usage, flow, events and other characteristics of a system can be monitored.


The most common forms of data logging that we employ are electricity and temperature monitoring.


The data logging equipment is installed on the equipment of interest and left to monitor the plant for anything from a week to a month depending on the nature of the assignment. At the end of the exercise the data downloaded and presented to the client in graphical form or prepared for further analysis with other data that has been developed.


In our experience most building & engineering systems performance issues can be identified by the use of data logging and our work routinely identifies significant reductions in operating costs that can be achieved at little or no cost.


If something can be measured we can usually monitor it.


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